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Unlock quick funding for
short-term property transactions

Unlock quick funding for short-term property transactions

The partner of choice for sellers, cash short-asset rich businesses, conveyancing firms, property traders, real estate agencies and property developers across South Africa.


Short-Term Business Loans

Asset rich but cash flow poor?
Get short-term funding to take advantage of that business opportunity.

Development Finance

Get funding to kickstart your project or complete your development.

Sellers Advance

Just sold your property? Get a quick cash advance of up to 75% of your net proceeds.

Mortgage Bonds Advance

Awaiting a payout on a further or new mortgage on your existing property and need a quick cash advance against your net mortgage proceeds? We’ve got you covered.

Rates & Taxes Advance

Rates clearance figures payable to the council? Don’t sweat your bank account. Bridge it against your net seller’s proceeds.

Transfer Costs & Duties

Just got your signed OTP? Assist your seller in securing the funds they need to cover transfer duties and costs against your net seller’s proceeds.

Property Auction Funding

Property Traders – unlock your portfolio growth! Get more buying power for property auctions.

Estate Agent Commission Advance

Short on cash and just sold a property? Get a quick cash advance on your pending commission.

Funding of Endowment

Are unexpected costs payable to the council? Put an end to transfer delays with a quick cash advance.

premier funding solutions

The first short-term loan facility for large-scale asset-rich, cash-flow-poor businesses!

unlocking quick funding

Opportunity waits for no one

What we offer

As a specialist provider of property bridging and short-term property finance, we have become the preferred partner across South Africa, helping our customers unlock growth opportunities for themselves, their businesses and their clients.

Put Us To The Test

  • Premier, personalised service.
  • Credit checks don’t exclude you from qualifying.
  • Same-day payouts where applicable.
  • Deep industry knowledge.
  • Hassle-free property bridging finance.

Three Steps To Finance Your Next
Big Opportunity

Get in Touch

Call, email, or WhatsApp us anytime and we’ll get in touch to call you at a convenient time to discuss your requirements.

Book a Strategy Call

We’ll qualify you for an in-depth strategy call to discuss the best solution for you.

Get a Proposal

Get a personalised proposal outlining your perfect hassle-free financing solution.

Frequently asked questions

We enable you to receive a cash injection of funds when it is needed most, eliminating waiting periods for monies that are determined and will be payable to you at a future date. You can be confident in knowing that your information and dealings with Prevance will be kept in the strictest of confidence.
Advances are paid once all the contractual obligations and the suspensive conditions of the underlying transaction are fulfilled. We endeavour to make the advance payments via electronic transfer into the nominated bank account of the customer as soon as possible after the application is received. We aim for a 12-hour turnaround time.
The amount that will be advanced is a percentage of the equity realised in the transaction and is determined on a deal-by-deal basis depending on the overall credit assessment for the customer. As a general rule, the advance would usually not exceed 75% of the equity realised.
Although a credit check will be conducted before any advance, this does not mean that you will be excluded from obtaining an advance. Where a customer has an unfavourable credit rating our credit department will make a decision based on an overall credit assessment.

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