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Get funding to kickstart your project or complete your development

Do you ever feel that your bank doesn’t share your vision for a project? Don’t let an opportunity slip away. Choose a trusted partner for your development and take the headache out of financing.
Prevance can provide property developers with a construction development loan/facility to kick start, construct and complete a small to medium size development project. As each development is unique, we try to think outside of the box to make the deal work.

Get property development capital quickly and efficiently 

  • Funding is granted between R2m and R8m or higher in special circumstances
  • If all the approvals have been received and positive pre-sales have been achieved, it makes the approval process easier
  • The loan should be repaid in a few short months
  • Each development finance facility application is assessed on its own merits

Qualifying criteria

  • You need to have a proven track record
  • Security in the form of a first mortgage bond of a property with twice the value is required
  • You need to have invested your own funds
    into the development
  • A firm repayment timeframe and mechanism must be in place