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Asset rich but cash flow poor?

Get short-term funding to take advantage of that business opportunity.

Ready to seize a promising business opportunity but need quick access to funds? 
The banking system can take too long to process a loan application when opportunity strikes. Leverage the equity in your property to unlock the capital you need to take your business to the next level with flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates.

Get working capital quickly and efficiently

  • Loans from R500 000 to R5 000 000
  • Say no to long and arduous processes and drowning in paperwork
  • Access short-term funding to capitalise on
    business opportunities
  • Leverage your unbonded property to secure the loan
  • Repayment should be in a few short months

Qualifying criteria

  • Secure the loan with an unbound property worth double the value of the loan
  • You must be a juristic person, i.e. not an individual
  • A credible repayment strategy must be demonstrated
  • The funds are required for only a few months
  • Financial statements are required with a projected cash flow

Some use case examples

  • Funds required to kickstart a property development pending activation of a development bond from the bank
  • The last amount required to complete a property development where the development bond is fully drawn
  • A business transaction where goods are pre-sold and all that is required is to buy the product
  • Bridging finance in a business pending receipt of a large payment from a debtor