Bridging Finance for Estate Agents

Bridging finance gives agents peace of mind and helps them focus on what’s really important – selling.

Money worries plague most of us at some point and unfortunately this can affect our performance levels. While this may not be much of an issue for those who enjoy full time, paid employment, it can be catastrophic for those who work on a commission basis.

Estate agents are in a worse position than most as although they do all the running around and all the hard work behind the scenes in order to get a property sold, more often than not, they have to wait months for the commission to be paid out. And therein lies the problem…cash flow.

We all have monthly obligations which need to be met and stressing about finances undermines our performance and production levels. This, in turn, causes more stress and so the cycle continues.

Fortunately there are ways to overcome this in the form of bridging finance. Essentially, bridging finance will advance a portion of the commission earned before the transaction has been finalised, allowing the agent to continue to focus on the most important aspect of his job – making more money.

Prevance Property Bridging Finance understands estate agents’ requirements and as such has designed a package specifically aimed at servicing their financial needs.

“We pride ourselves on offering a seamless, hassle-free online service that gives an agent access to 75% of their commission within 24 hours of approval,” says Christo Jonker –Marketing Manager for Prevance Capital Pty Ltd.

“Our track record in the industry speaks for itself and we are immensely proud of the way our company has paved the way for those who are passionate about their real estate careers.”

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