Complete Piece of Mind (Prospective Seller)

Complete Piece of Mind (Prospective Seller)


The sale of property has in recent years become more complex as a consequence of various newly imposed regulatory and legal requirements.

At Jooste Heswick we know that prevention is better than cure. It is therefore prudent that our service does not only commence after a Contract of Sale has been finalised – our service to you as our client goes beyond the legal processing of the sale of your property. It includes assistance during the marketing and negotiation phase thereof, as well as in the finalisation of the practical aspects once registration of transfer has been completed.

In our experience working in conjunction with and in support of your chosen estate agent, assist in concluding a successful Contract of Sale and ensure the fluent and effective transfer of your property – on time!

In addition to the processing of your transfer, our service to you include the following:

      1. Perusal of your Offer to Purchase prior to you accepting and signing it,
      2. Ensuring that timeperiods in your proposed sale agreement are practically attainable,
      3. The legal and practical consequences in relation to suspensive conditions,
      4. Title deed searches and verification of property details,
      5. Ensuring that notice is given timeously to the appropriate institutions,
      6. The disclosure of defects if and where applicable,
      7. Assistance with compliance in relation to Electricity, Beetle infestation, Gas and Plumbing certification (where applicable),
      8. Your liability for Capital Gains tax (if any) and the processing thereof in conjunction with your auditors,
      9. Assistance to foreigners,
      10. Repatriation of funds abroad,
      11. Estate planning,
      12. Ensuring that the purchase of a new property is practically linked to and financially secured in relation to the sale of your existing property,
      13. Assistance when planning to buy a new property.

As the seller, you are disposing of your ownership rights – these rights have to be protected and it is therefore your prerogative, as the seller, to nominate the attorney and conveyancer responsible for the processing of your sale. Do not relinquish this right – ever!

Our firm is well known in the property industry and our knowledge is a given, however, we have found that our personal relationships with our clients is the single most important aspect which ensure a positive and memorable experience.

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